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Foxhills Supports - Bonita Norris

Youngest British Woman to Climb Everest

On the 17th of May 2010 Bonita became the youngest British woman to climb Mount Everest.

Bonita Norris

Connection with Foxhills

Bonita is from Wokingham and has trained at Foxhills for the last 2 years. With Foxhills help she has been able to train in a great facility and have access to the best personal trainers she could wish for.

As a Climber

One morning, in 2008, Bonita woke up with the crazy idea to climb Mount Everest. A great idea but she had previously never been climbing. After training hard and practicing in the Alps, August 2009 saw her conquer her first high peak, The world’s 8th highest mountain, Manaslu in Nepal.

During a short period of time in May, before the monsoon season, conditions are at their best for climbing Everest so another year of hard training and then Bonita was ready.

To reach the peak of the mountain via the Southeast Ridge, Bonita’s exhibition first completed a week-long trek through lush forests and mountain scenery to reach base camp. The next stage of her climb was to cross the dangerous Khumbu Icefall where she faced giant crevasses and shifting blocks of ice.

Then she reached the "death zone" where conditions allow only two or three days to attempt to reach the summit before having to retreat back down the mountain. On the morning of 17th May 2010 Bonita reached the summit.

See her at Foxhills

Members can enjoy an exciting interview from her in The Fox Autumn 2010.

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