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Golf Clinics

From beginners to more advanced players, join the Club's Golf team for interactive group coaching sessions.

Bookings required; visit the Pro Shop, call 01932 704465 or email the team to reserve your place.

Clinics are complimentary and available to Full, Golf, Country Club and healthspa members only. Members are entitled one clinic per month.

View upcoming clinics below or download a poster of this month's schedule.




Week One

10-11am, Wednesday 3 May - Chip Better (Intermediate)

6-7pm, Thursday 4 May - Try Golf (Beginner)

10-11am, Friday 5 May - Tee Shots (Intermediate)

2-3pm, Saturday 6 May - Learn The Basics (Beginner)

Week Two

1-3pm, Monday 8 May - Playing Lesson (Intermediate)

10-11am, Wednesday 10 May - Bunkers (Intermediate)

10-11am, Friday 12 May - Pitching (Beginner/Intermediate)

2-3pm, Saturday 13 May - Learn The Basics (Beginner)


Week Three

2-3pm, Monday 15 May - Try Golf (Beginner)

10-11am, Wednesday 17 May - Tricky Lies (Intermediate)

6-7pm, Thursday 18 May - Try Golf (Beginner)

2-3pm, Saturday 20 May - Driving (Intermediate)


Week Four

2-3pm, Monday 22 May - Shaping Shots (Intermediate)

10-11am, Wednesday 24 May - Love Putting (Beginner/Intermediate)

10-11am, Friday 26 May - Master Pitching (Intermediate)

2-3pm, Saturday 27 May - Shaping Shots (Intermediate)

10-11am, Wednesday 31 May - Wedge Gapping (Intermediate)

12-1pm, Wednesday 31 May - Driving (Intermediate)




Week One

2-3pm, Saturday 3 June - Bunkers (Beginner)

Week Two

1-3pm, Monday 5 June - On Course (Intermediate)

10-11am, Wednesday 7 June - On Course (Beginner)

6-7pm, Thursday 8 June - Tricky Lies (Intermediate)

10-11am, Friday 9 June - Putting (Beginner/Intermediate)

2-3pm, Saturday 10 June -  Driving (Beginner/Intermediate)


Week Three

10-11am, Wednesday 14 June - On Course (Beginner)

6-7pm, Thursday 15 June - Chipping (Intermediate)


Week Four

6-7pm, Thursday 22 June - Try Golf (Beginner)


Week Five

6-7pm, Thursday 29 June - Chipping (Beginner)