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Foxhills offers a golfer the total golfing solution. With services from a first class retail shop to holistic coaching, corporate days and ‘warm weather’ training camps; this is the one stop shop for the discerning golfer. Services available:

  • Well stocked professional shop
  • One-to-one golf tuition
  • Corporate coaching and team building
  • Performance coaching
  • Golf experience days
  • Residential golf schools
  • Train like a tour pro camps
  • Junior tuition
  • Warm weather golf tuition golf schools
  • Online tuition
  • Residential coaching

Contact us

For further information on dates and services, to talk to a member of the team, to book lessons or purchase lesson gift vouchers please contact us:



The Foxhills teaching team have aligned themselves with some of the UK’s leaders in development, sports science and physiotherapy, incorporating academically proven learning techniques to enable the golfer to achieve outstanding results. The team are committed to offering you the highest standard of coaching. Irrespective of age or ability our focus is to offer you a fun, healthy and social experience.

Golfers of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to work with a team of experts in order to ensure they reach their potential. This is achieved through a holistic and integrated approach incorporating golf, medical and fitness professionals and the latest swing theories and technology.

The coaching team are committed to the highest standards of service and all actively participate in continued professional development programmes to ensure that they are aware of the latest theories and practices.

Our coaching philosophy

We will increase the player’s enjoyment of the game and meet all their needs. As the PGA tour demonstrates there are many different ways to swing a club effectively. An efficient, repeatable swing that produces consistent ball flights is built on movements the player is capable of making. We therefore find out what movements a player is capable of then build a swing to suit their individual capabilities. This integrated with looking at skill development and all aspects of the player’s game enables us to achieve outstanding results.

One-to-one coaching

There is no one template to developing a golfer. Development by its nature is non linear. Our approach is to acknowledge that development must be organic, dynamic and cater to the needs of the individual. All standards of golfers are catered for from the new comer to the tour professional. Lessons can be purchased on a half, full hour, half day or full day basis. Bespoke packages are also offered through monthly or yearly fees.

Golf Experience Days - The Perfect Gift

the team

The golf experience days offer the golfer a memorable and massively beneficial experience. The golfer has breakfast with his/her assigned professional before venturing out onto the course for 9 holes. This is followed by a post round de-brief and work on the swing via state of the art video equipment. The golfer receives a video email of the lesson. This is followed by work on the short game and an assessment of their equipment. After lunch it is back out onto the course for another 9 holes to put to the test all the work that has been done. The golfer can opt out of the afternoon round and replace this with a physical assessment and screening with the on site physiotherapists enabling them to link the physical barriers to the technical issues highlighted in the swing assessment. The golfer will be given exercises to help correct these issues. These unforgettable days can be taken on a one to one basis or as a group. However as a group the option of a physical screening is not available.

The price is for the day and includes all tuition, golf food and beverages

Golf Experience Days
Session Price
The price for 1 person £350
The price for 2 people £400
The price for 3 people £450
The price for a group of 4 £500

Corporate Days and Team Building

At Foxhills we offer a wide range of corporate solutions;

  • Event Management – we will take care of the whole event for you from the venue, format, prizes to on course scoring, prize presentation and much more
  • Team Building Coaching – we offer the corporate clients the opportunity to work together to solve golfing problems and fun on course competitions
  • Coaching Clinics – clinics can be offered on the day to enhance the golfers’ experience.
  • Catering for the non golfer on the day – perhaps the most popular offering is for the non golfer on the day. We offer the non golfers in the group a chance to learn how to play in a day!!!! Via group and on course tuition

Residential Golf Schools

At Foxhills we offer residential golf schools that are unrivalled. Whilst staying at the resort you get the benefits of all the wonderful facilities with the added advantage of first class golf tuition. There could be no better environment to learn golf in. We offer the following:

  • 1,3 and 5 day residential golf schools run in three schools; beginners, intermediate and advanced. Please contact us for further details.

Train Like a Tour Pro Camps

These days offer the golfer a truly unforgettable experience, giving them all the answers to their golfing woes. The camps include 3D Swing Analysis, Physiological Screening, a short game assessment and on course time with the professionals. This is a unique experience. This is achieved through a holistic and integrated approach incorporating golf, medical and fitness professionals and the latest swing theories and technology. On-site we have a team of highly educated coaches, a physiotherapy team and strength and conditioning coaches. So embark on the ultimate game improvement experience where you will cover all aspects of physical conditioning and technical improvement. What’s included in the camps;

Full 3D biomechanical golf swing analysis - Understand exactly what's happening in your swing.

3D analysis provides the answers to all your golf issues, both physically and technically. Acting as a lie detector, it will tell you what's happening and, more importantly, why it's happening.

Audible tone (biofeedback) training

Using real-time feedback, make changes immediately and feel exactly where you should be in your swing, biofeedback hugely speeds up the learning process.

Full golf-specific musculoskeletal screening

Understand your body and its limitations in muscle imbalances, postural issues and how they affect your ability to swing as you would like. After all, it's no good trying to swing in a certain way if your body physically just can't do it!

Golf-specific training and exercise programme

Have your own golf-specific exercises tailored to your golf swing and your body. Rather than following a generic regime that you would be assigned in most gyms, have this made to measure for your golf swing.

Full strength and conditioning programme

A complete strength and conditioning screening allows you to develop your golf fitness and maintain peak performance over a lengthy period.

Short game MOT

Iron out any short game issues you have with expert PGA professional tuition.

Play the game

Finally, take all that you have learnt onto the course at the Foxhills Resort, in stunning woodland.

Make the day unforgettable and stay!

Why should the fun end after the camp. Why not stay and have dinner and stay in one of the finest hotels in Surrey. Take advantage of the gym, spa, tennis/squash courts and much more.

Warm Weather Golf Tuition Golf Schools

We offer the golfer an opportunity to ‘learn in the sun!’. During the winter season we visit destinations such as Mexico, Australia and Spain giving the golfer daily tuition. For further details please contact us.

On-Line Tuition

Being miles away need not stop you learning. We offer on line video analysis to the golfer.

Residents Coaching Menu

Why not make your stay at Foxhills even more memorable with some golf tuition?

Choose from the following menu:

Learn to play

For the novice or total beginner, let one of our experienced PGA golf professionals teach you how to play. Residents can make their own bespoke learning package choosing from 1⁄2 or 1hour taster sessions, to 3 hour learning experiences that take you through the various aspects of how to play the game concluding with on course tuition.

3 hours tuition would normally cost £180 but residents have a preferential rate of £120.

Enhance your game

For the more experienced golfer why not let our highly qualified, first class instructors take you through the finer details of your game using state of the art coaching software.

Full golf experience days

This is the ultimate golf experience. Play 9 holes with a golf professional, review your round whilst having a meal and then spend time with your coach addressing the areas of weakness that have been pinpointed. Finally get back out on the course with the coach to put what you have learned to the test playing a further 9 holes.

All the lessons can be taken individually or as a group.

To find out more or to book contact the Pro Shop on 01932 704468 or simply dial extension 4468 from your room.

Meet the Team

Paul Creamer - Head PGA Professional

Paul Creamer - Head Professional

Paul is our Head PGA Professional.

He has joined us from Milford Golf Club and has over 20 years of experience in the golf industry. As a Surrey Futures coach Paul is continuing to help elite youngsters make improvements in their game.

Being a qualified “Mind Factor” coach lets Paul make improvements to the psychological aspect of your game.

Paul says:
"Having played on the European & Challenge Tour I feel I can help players progress their game to the level they desire. I believe in working with people and their swing to achieve results."

Richard Daly - PGA Professionals

Richard Daly

Richard is one of Foxhills PGA Professionals.

He has joined us from the Mitchell Spearman Academy and has over 8 years of experience in the golf industry.

Richard is a Surrey County Futures coach.

Richard says:
"I enjoy working with golfers’ of all standards and helping them reach their true potential."

Greg Brodie - Performance Coach PGA Advanced Professional

Greg Brodie

Greg is a 37 year old local man who lives in Camberley with his wife and three children. He is in the midst of a master’s degree in Sports Coaching at Birmingham University.

Greg is a lead Surrey Futures County Coach, the Assistant Head Coach for Surrey Ladies 1st Team and is the Surrey County Coach Coordinator.

Download Greg's full bio here.


Junior Tuition

At Foxhills we offer a first class junior program in association with J.O.L.F.

JOLF is junior golf. A brilliant and appropriate experience for each child, every time. JOLF coaching involves children in stimulating and enjoyable games-based experiences.

JOLF aims to:

  • develop children’s ability to play golf
  • improve their movement and thinking skills
  • promote positive attitudes to learning and working with others
BOOK NOW on 01932 704465

JOLF is available

Autumn Term: 20th/21st September - 29/30th, no sessions 25/26th October

Class Schedule:

  • Saturdays
    9.15 - 10.15, Ages 5 - 7
    10.30 - 12.00, Ages 8-10
    12.30 - 1.30, Ages 5-7
  • Sundays
    9.15 - 10.15, Ages 5 - 7
    10.30 - 12.00, Ages 8 - 10
    12.15 - 1.45, Ages 11+

The ages are guidelines only as each child's ability is slightly different and they may be better suited to a different group despite their age.

Each term is 10 weeks, the costs are:

  • 60 minute sessions = £130 per term
  • 90 minute sessions = £155 per term

To book call the number above

JOLF is an innovative junior coaching programme.

JOLF is an innovative coaching programme for children of all ages. It is the most up-to-date programme of its kind, providing children with a great learning experience in a supportive environment, in which their needs are the main priority.

JOLF includes more than other available golf coaching programmes and helps junior golfers achieve a much broader range of skills, attitudes and knowledge. In addition to coaching GOLF SKILLS, JOLF promotes children’s development in MOVEMENT and MINDSET SKILLS. This means that as well as learning the strategies and skills of golf, children learn important movement and sport skills like balancing, landing, striking, throwing, catching and stopping. They practise the thinking skills of reflection, planning and problem solving and they are helped to develop their own self-confidence and learn how to be cooperative and supportive with other JOLFers.

The JOLFer’s experience

Everything which JOLF does is there to make sure that the child’s experience is what it should be. This means that every game, challenge or task, every session, every experience day and competition is designed so that each JOLFer is engaged, enjoys the experience and wants to keep coming back for more.

Unique pathways

JOLF ensures that the pathway a child takes through the JOLF programme is the best possible route for that child. JOLF is designed so that children learn at their own pace and develop along their own individual pathways. The programme fits the child rather than the child being made to fit the programme.This means that JOLF welcomes children who want to play golf as part of a wide sports programme, those who want golf as their main sporting activity, those whose ambition is to become dedicated elite players, and those who are really not sure what they want to do, but know that they enjoy being with friends and playing golf.

JOLF’s games-based coaching A key feature of the JOLF approach is that Mindset, Movement and Golf Skills are learnt through meaningful, enjoyable and motivating challenges and game experiences. The most important of these games is playing golf on a JOLF Course. Games are also set up on the driving range, on a school field or on and around the putting green. The JOLFer‘s focus is on the game and not on any particular discrete aspect of technique (e.g. grip, stance, posture). However every game requires the use of strategies and golf skills and these tactics, techniques and skills are coached in the context of the games.

JOLF games on the driving range, school field, and on and around the putting green replicate the kinds of situations and challenges JOLFers encounter on the course. They have landing zones to hit, obstacles to go over, and awkward lies to cope with. Playing these games requires children to make the same choices of stance, club and shots, which are needed in the game of golf.

Games are challenging and need thought and effort. This is what makes them interesting and always fun to do.

JOLF’s games-based coaching and technique

JOLF does not normally make a particular technique or skill the focus of a session. However, helping children develop a wide variety of skills and sound golf techniques is an integral part of JOLF’s games-based approach. These are coached when the coach feels it is the right moment for an individual JOLFer or when a child asks because he/she realises there is a need to learn a particular skill or technique to successfully complete a game. The coach then seizes this golden opportunity to coach the child at the exact moment when he/she understands the need for a technique and wants to learn it. This is individual coaching in a games-based setting.

Many JOLF games take place on JOLF Courses

JOLF Courses are very important in JOLF. A JOLF Course is shortened to be appropriate to the size, strength and technical skills of the JOLFer. Every child should be able to reach the green on a par 5 in three shots, a par 4 in two shots and a par 3 in one shot. As children get bigger, stronger and more skilful, they play on longer JOLF Courses. JOLFers play on JOLF Courses without handicaps.

Performance Coaching

Performance based coaching is the next level up from your conventional golf lessons.

The concept is to take the golfer to a higher level of learning and performance!

With use of world class state of the art equipment, the most educated coaches and working in tandem with the world leaders in golf science, physiotherapy and functional movement , here at Foxhills we offer a truly unique first class service and an opportunity for our clientele that is unrivalled.

The performance coaches at Foxhills offer a unique and different golfing solution, using the following tools at their disposal to give the golfer a unique learning experience; 3D Biomechanics Systems, detailed periodization plans, physical screenings giving the golfer an understanding of their physical breakdowns and postural issues, golf specific fitness programs, well structured practice plans, an unrivalled education for clients and access to the very best experts in the world of golf.

For the inquisitive golfer that is looking for all the right answers, who is frustrated with endless effort without results, who is looking for the missing link, here is the solution. No stone is left un turned, all aspects of the game are quantified in a scientific manner.

The golfer will gain an understanding of 3D Biomechanics Systems, how 3D biomechanics improves swing and helps you play better golf, will have a physical assessment, will have the knowledge that understanding your body is key and will understand the importance of biofeedback training in accelerated learning.

3D Biomechanics Systems

All material and references taken from Mark Bull Golf.

Using the latest in 3D equipment, golf biomechanics provides expert interpretative biomechanical reporting on body, arm, hand and club motions during the golf swing.

Real-time position and orientation of various parts of the body (head, shoulders, arms, hips, club, etc.) are recorded as the golfer swings the club - all in three dimensions. The system is available for full swing, short game and putting analysis. The benefits are extended further with the addition of 'biofeedback training' - proven to speed up the learning of new or changing of ingrained motor patterns. It is this biofeedback feature of the system that golfers gain the most from in the shortest time. Take video analysis further by adding a third dimension!

Benefits of the 3D Biomechanics System

  • Real-time 3D graphical images as you swing the club
  • No lost information
  • Quantitative data available immediately - this data cannot be measured using video methods alone and many movements are impossible to see with the naked eye
  • Biofeedback training - real-time feedback on whether desired swing positions are achieved, allowing you to instantly feel the movement and position you are trying to achieve
  • View your swing from any angle - front, behind, above, below and both sides
  • Information can be readily combined with other data from your own testing or against other golfers
  • Compare swings at different points in time
  • Compare your own swing measurements against a professional golfer database and using a realistic model

How 3D biomechanics improves swing and helps you play better golf


3D biomechanics provides a quantitative record of how a player is swinging at any point in time.

  • The measurement system is accurate to within 1 degree of rotation and 1 mm (1/25 inch)
  • The resulting report provides detailed information on body positions, body speeds and timing sequences
  • The analysis is ideal to use at the beginning of a series of lessons or at a golf school
  • The system is also a great monitoring tool for elite players and amateurs alike
  • It can also be an important tool to assist in the development of young players

Physical assessment

The performance coach undertakes an assessment of physical capabilities and limitations in a dynamic situation, as in swinging a golf club. Are there any physical limitations restricting technical improvement that you need to be aware of?

Do you suffer from a bad back or a sore neck?

  • Trunk stability indicators are monitored during the backswing, impact and follow-through
  • Range-of-motion indicators highlight areas of inflexibility, especially trunk/pelvic rotation.

This kind of information is invaluable for your trainer as well when it comes to preparation of golf specific exercises.

Biofeedback training

The 3D biomechanics system provides instantaneous audio information to the student/golfer on club and body position throughout the swing in order to speed up technique change.

While the report provides recommendations for biofeedback training, only one parameter is chosen for working on at any one time. We all know how problematic too many swing thoughts can be!

The instructor or swing coach then has the ability to set the positions or ranges they believe are realistic for the golfer. The 3D system provides audio feedback when the player either conforms or fails to fit such postures or ranges. It could be as simple as working on shoulder alignment at address, more coil on the backswing or a better impact position. The end result is that the golfer is able to develop the all important 'feel' associated with change in technique. It is the development of this new 'feel' that allows the golfer to head back to the range and not immediately regress to their familiar pattern of movement.

3D biomechanics is a great teaching tool for low or high handicappers, even for elite touring players when changes in technique only need to be subtle ones. Multiple biofeedback sessions combined with lessons with a teaching professional are recommended for optimal results. Of course, it takes more than one lesson to develop great technique, but adding the 3D biomechanics system is a great way to speed and enhance your progress!

Golf Specific Fitness Programs

Looking to improve your fitness for golf or to do physical conditioning work?

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • lack of distance
  • injury
  • fatigue
  • poor posture
  • lack of flexibility and mobility

Let us help develop a programme to help you reach your goals.

Our Services

Using 3D analysis, we are able to ascertain your physical limitations and restrictions and to link them to the swing faults you have. Working with some of the world's leading physiotherapists and golfspecific strength and conditioning coaches we undertake full golf-specific screenings which determine the areas of physical improvement you need to work on and, more importantly, how this will improve your golf.

The concept of athletic development has been around for a long time now. If you're in the age range of eight to eighty you can be put somewhere along the physical continuum of development based on twenty or more physical attributes, including lunging, pushing, pulling, weight transfer, squatting, single leg squatting, vertical stability, horizontal stability and torso rotation to name just a few. Each of these has huge relevance to the golf swing!

We offer an integrated training plan which is designed around your own personal golf swing biomechanics, a physical assessment and the free time you have available. Whether you are an elite athlete or a golf 'couch potato' we can help you progress, tailoring your exercises specifically for you and your game.

Understanding Your Body is Key

This is the famous Da Vinci Christmas tree, highlighting the key muscle groups that most golfers need to develop as they are the main postural muscles that aid better technique and enable both greater power and more control.

When you understand what works and why, you can start to train in a way that will optimise your physique for the best golfing performance.

By combining a thorough physical golf-specific screening with 3D analysis and biofeedback training, we can identify areas that might be holding you back and movements that inhibit your performance and might even lead to injury. We can then develop a personal strength and conditioning plan to address each element and start working towards your future golf athlete body.

"You don't have to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to hit the ball a long way!"

Indeed, work out and bulk up in the wrong way and you'll only introduce new physical restrictions that could harm your game. With the proper analysis and a tailored strength and conditioning programme we can lead you in the right direction to improve your golf.


The golf academy at Foxhills provides golfers of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to work with a team of experts in order to ensure they reach their potential. This is achieved through a holistic and integrated approach incorporating golf, medical and fitness professionals and the latest swing theories and technology.

The coaching team are committed to the highest standards of service and all actively participate in continued professional development programmes to ensure that they are aware of the latest theories and practices.

Coaching Menu & Price List
Session Price
30 minute session £35
60 minute session £60
30 minute junior session £25
60 minute junior session £50
1/2 day session £150
Full day session £275
Lesson Packages
Package Price
4 x 1 hour sessions (12 week programme) £200
6 x 1 hour sessions (12 week programme) £300
8 x 1 hour sessions (12 week programme) £400
Golf Experience Day (1-4 people) from £350
Train Like a Tour Pro Day Camps £350

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat that special someone to an unforgettable gift and give them the gift of better golf!

Order your gift vouchers from

Coaching Menu & Price List
Session Price
30 minute session £35
60 minute session £60
30 minute junior session £25
60 minute junior session £50
1/2 day session £150
Full day session £275
Lesson Packages
Package Price
4 x 1 hour sessions (12 week programme) £200
6 x 1 hour sessions (12 week programme) £300
8 x 1 hour sessions (12 week programme) £400
Golf Experience Day (1-4 people) from £350
Train Like a Tour Pro Day Camps £350

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