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Foxhills Youth Club

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Foxhills’ Cub Club hosts a huge range of children’s activities and professional sports coaching throughout the year. This includes 15 hours of free supervised activities exclusively for our members, including Pre-School and Weekend Clubs. Please contact the Youth Club for bookings.


At Foxhills, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of activities on hand for our members and guest to enjoy, and the nursery is no exception. As the golfers are teeing off, spa guests are deep in relaxation and visitors are enjoying delicious lunches in The Manor House, there is a small corner of Foxhills that is bursting with energy and creativity, Situated in the Youth Club, our Nursery is so much more than a safe and convenient place for our younger Members and guest to play while parents visit the gym.

The Team

Anne Hanshaw and her lovely team ensure that every day is filled with fun and varied activities to keep the little ones engaged and entertained. From painting and sticking, biscuit and cake decorating, a walk on the trim trail or an indoor obstacle course, the children are always busy being creative and learning through play.

Did You Know?

Every six weeks a theme is chosen and carried through the activities at the Foxhills Nursery. This autumn as Bonfire Night approached, the team searched for leaves with the children to make a beautiful collage and to paint fabulous pictures bursting with colour. Most mornings the children will enjoy ‘music and movement’ followed by role play, dressing up, story time or cooking.

Home From Home

Whether they are regular visitors or making a one off visit, every child I greeted with a smile and is immediately made to feel at home. The day’s activities are tailored to the number and age of children that are present, so from 12 weeks to seven years old, they are certain to have a great time and, if all the excitement gets the better of them, there’s always a comfy sofa, plenty of books and abundance of cuddles to wind down and relax.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am - 2pm
Tuesday: 9am - 1pm
Wednesday: 9am - 2.30pm
Thursday: 9am - 1.30pm
Friday: 9am - 1.30pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday: 9am - 1pm

Bank Holidays: 9am - 1pm


30mins: £3
60mins: £6

30mins: £4
60mins: £8

For more information or to make a booking please call the Nursery on 01932 704463.

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