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This Year's Hottest Wedding Trends 2020

Get some inspiration for your special day with our guide to the latest wedding trends in 2020. Whether you’re a quirky couple who want a wedding with an edge, or you’re traditionalists looking for some modern classics, this year will see a broad array of options come to the fore. Read on to learn more about five of the hottest wedding trends, from unusual entertainment to flowers in excess.

1. Eco-Friendly Weddings

In a world increasingly concerned with environmental responsibility, 2020 will see these kinds of developments in just about everything. When it comes to weddings, both suppliers and couples are listening and striving to incorporate eco-friendly products wherever possible. Some ways in which to achieve this include:


homemade wedding decorations

  • Making your own centre pieces. From decorating recycled jars to reusing old gin bottles filled with wild flowers, there are all sorts of ways you can create decorations with a conscience.
  • Recycled stationery. Wedding stationery printers are supplying an impressive range of invitations and thank you cards on recycled paper material now, so you don’t have to compromise on style to be environmentally responsible.
  • Recycled dresses. Consider browsing one of the many pre-loved wedding and bridesmaid dress shops there are all over the country. While some may have doubts about this, the fact is there are some beautiful, vintage dresses out there that can help you achieve the look you want, as well as be kind to the planet.


2. Bringing the Outside In

In keeping with this theme of the environment, in 2020, many couples are finding ways to incorporate the outdoors into their wedding. This could be through hosting the ceremony or reception outside, having a plant-themed wedding with floral displays, or by offering outdoor activities to guests.


floral wedding design


Foxhills is a perfect location for embracing the outdoors, thanks to our idyllic location in the Surrey countryside. Our extensive premises can facilitate a wide range of al fresco activities, including outdoor ceremonies and lawn games for during arrival drinks. Please do speak to a member of the team to find out what we can arrange for your wedding. See our club map for a bird’s eye view of our space.


foxhills wedding gazebo


3. Wedding Mixologists

Recent weddings are also exhibiting the very impressive skills of talented mixologists. Innovative cocktails are very much in vogue, with elaborate creations using vapour, props, bubbles, and more being far more in demand than classics like cosmos and daiquiris.

2020 is likely to see more pop-up mixologist stands at weddings, so that guests can excite their taste buds and indulge in a wide variety of new flavours and textures.

4. Rustic Wedding Food

What pairs with elaborate cocktails better than incredible food? 2020 is the year for rustic, local food served family-style. Expect hearty soups with crusty bread, fish and chips, and British household favourites like sausages and mash and cottage pie.


rustic wedding food


As well as comfort food main meals, reception tables will be adorned with simplistic platters of meats, cheeses, and deli food like olives and sundried tomatoes. While cheese-based wedding cakes are relatively commonplace these days, their popularity is far from waning. Rustic weddings in 2020 are likely to include generously sized cheese wedding cakes with plates of bread and crackers as an accompaniment.


5. Quirky Wedding Entertainment

What better way to keep your guests talking about your wedding for years to come, than with some incredible entertainment that they are sure to remember? In 2020 it’s predicted that couples will be booking a wide range of elaborate entertainment including:


  • Street performers
  • Steel pan bands
  • Magicians
  • Caricaturists
  • Poker tables


To find the right entertainment for your wedding, take inspiration from all the things you see and do in the months before the big day. Whether you come across an impressive busker in your town centre or you meet a new colleague with a talent for face-painting, the perfect final touch to your wedding could be right in front of you!

A wedding held at Foxhills could be your dream-come-true. We’re happy to talk through all your options with you should you be looking for more information about our wedding venue services, or please get in touch with the team to arrange a viewing.

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