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Workshop - The Chakras

Location: The Yoga Cabin

Sunday 25th August 1-3pm

This Chakra Workshop will give you an understanding of the different Chakras and how they relate to your overall well-being. Chakras (energy centres) have a direct immediate, and profound effect on our daily lives.  When our energy centres are balanced and in harmony our life can flow in harmony too.  As you tune in to your own energy centres during your Yoga practice, you will be guided to stimulate and balance each Chakra in turn with the aim to feel centred physically and emotionally.

It is suitable for students of all levels.

• Discover the Chakra system
• Learn the characteristics of the seven main Chakras
• Practice a Full Yoga Sequence to Align Your Chakras.
• Balance the Energies Within Each Chakra
• Enjoy a Guided Chakra Meditation

Coming from a holistic background, Sarah understands there is a powerful connection between the mind and body. Using the power of the breath to slow the mind down, to open the body and to give an overall sense of wellbeing, she teaches a Hatha and Flow style of Yoga that is accessible to all levels of students. Sarah has been teaching since 2014 after completing her yoga teacher training with The Classic Yoga School and June Mitchell.  Her classes are a combination of the various styles of yoga she loves to practice herself. Sarah teaches with a light hearted approach, that is fun, gentle and challenging and can be adapted for all.
She believes that "You start where you are and the practice will meet you there".

Members £30 / Members Guest £40

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