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Warm coconut rice pudding

Serves two people.

Coconut granola, mango sorbet and passion fruit


• 50g pudding rice
• 20g coconut sugar
• 350ml coconut milk
• 1 lemon zest & juice

Method: Bring milk to boil, add rice & sugar, cook in a medium oven for (150c) for 40 minutes then add the lemon and cook until 2/3rds cooked, remove from oven and leave to rest, will finish cooking.

Coconut granola


Garlic, maple & sesame Tofu

Serves two people.

Tofu marinade

• 1 packet tofu cut into 4 slices
• 70ml maple syrup
• 2 cloves garlic sliced
• 2 tspn sesame seeds

Mix everything together.

Tomato quinoa

• 150g quinoa
• 20 g chopped stem ginger
• 500ml tomato juice

Cook everything together, making sure you stir and keep the quinoa in the tomato juice, season and keep until needed.

Avocado puree

Corn fed chicken & sweetcorn

Serves two people.


• Whole corn fed chicken
- Remove the breasts, legs and wing bones cut the carcuss in half (keep the legs for another day, another meal)
•100g onions
• 20g thyme
• 20g garlic
• 100g sliced mushrooms
• 200ml madeira (alternatively sweet sherry)
• 130g butter
• 20ml sherry vinegar
• 200ml double cream


Smoked potato soup

Serves four people.


- 1kg potatoes
- 100g leek
- 50g carrot
- 100g celery
- 100g diced onions
- 60g garlic
- 40g thyme
- 40g rosemary
- 3 bay leaves
- 4 earl grey tea bags
- 500g rice
- 10g chopped chive
- 100ml rapeseed oil


Recipes from Paul Green

Foxhills chef, Paul Green, has put together some great recipes to help you with your home cooking during lockdown. 

BBQ marinades

We have been fortunate enough to enjoy some lovely weather, which has seen an increase in barbecues. Paul shares his top tips below on the perfect marinades to make your meat extra tasty:


Join us in Nineteen
from 6.30-10:30pm for a Steak night

There will be a wide selection of steaks as well as a great night of socalising

The Pavilion

Opening in 2021

The £7m Pavilion is the next phase of our ambitious investment programme to reinforce our position as the best family club in the south east.

Building work has commenced and there are many exciting announcements to follow.



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