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Make a Move Team Challenge results

Two of our members came seventh and eighth in the Make a Move Team Challenge, Technogym's nationwide competition.

Clubs around the UK competed in Technogym's Make a Move Team Challenge from Monday 7 to Friday 25 November. Janine Lawler (seventh place; 100,000 moves) and Patsy Howe (eighth place; 100,000 moves) made it in to the top 10 "movers" in the country; well done! Click here to view full results.

Congratulations to Foxhills' top team: Unusual Suspects (687,611 moves) - the top five players were:

1. Patsy Howe 100,000 moves
2. Janine Lawler 100,000 moves
3. Alison Brophy 50,000 moves
4. Valerie Pearce-Urwin 40,002 moves
5. Rebecca Lindsay 40,000 moves

Well done to Foxhills' runner-ups: Technogirls (408,678 moves) - the top five players were:

1. Stewart Neale 27,923 moves
2. Brian Burns 26,001 moves
3. Nick Reid 20,013 moves
4. Melanie Parish 19,046 moves
5. Eliza Burnham 16,662 moves

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