We are committed to creating a sustainable future by integrating eco-friendly practices, responsible business operations, innovative sustainability solutions and ethical values. 

We are looking to lay the foundations for a long-term greener and sustainable future for families and generations to come, carefully considering the environmental impact of all new developments and initiatives. We look to minimise our environmental footprint while maximising efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

From reducing carbon emissions and conserving water resources to sourcing sustainable materials and supporting local businesses, our sustainability mission is to:

  1. Protect the environment: We strive to minimise our ecological footprint by reducing waste, conserving resources and promoting biodiversity. Our goal is to operate in harmony with the natural surroundings that make Foxhills unique.
  2. Support our community: We aim to foster a strong, sustainable community by engaging with local stakeholders, supporting local businesses and encouraging sustainable practices among our members, guests and employees.
  3. Promote wellness and sustainability: We believe in the interconnection of health, wellness and sustainability. By offering eco-conscious facilities and activities, we aim to enhance the wellbeing of our community while promoting environmental stewardship.
  4. Innovate and educate: We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in our sustainability efforts. We also seek to educate our community about the importance of sustainability, encouraging everyone to adopt practices that benefit both people and the planet.

At Foxhills, sustainability is not just a goal but a continuous journey. We are dedicated to leading by example, ensuring that our actions today contribute to a healthier, greener tomorrow.

Our journey towards sustainability

We're not just imagining a brighter future, we're building it, one sustainability step at a time. Foxhills is committed to reducing its environmental impact with several small-scale sustainability initiatives that have earned the resort a silver Ecomart accreditation from Greenage - a badge of honour and mark of trust and value.

In addition to six EV chargers installed in the car park, Foxhills has a tracking system in place to monitor all water, energy and waste usage, all lights have been replaced to LED and are on motion sensors where possible, room keycards have been swapped to bamboo, rainwater is collected and recycled for irrigation, solar panels have been installed on the Pavilion building, energy-efficient glazing has been installed throughout with thermally enhanced walls/roof, real plants in all public areas, eco-friendly in-room toiletries and cleaning products are used throughout, all shampoo/shower gel dispensers have been replaced with refillable/recyclable containers, lockers are fitted with mechanical locks which reduce the environmental impact of batteries, plant-based and vegan options added to all menus, fairtrade/ethically sourced tea/coffee provided throughout, as well as locally sourced suppliers wherever possible (milk, beer, wine, linen etc) to reduce carbon footprint. Sensors on taps and showers mean less water is wasted and water fountains are available to keep members and guests hydrated without any single-use plastic cups, encouraging the use of refillable bottles. Awnings and blinds are fixed to south-facing windows to reduce solar gain and the energy required to cool the building. Whiteboards and notepads in meeting rooms have been removed to reduce paper waste. All paper brochures, notebooks etc have been removed from hotel bedrooms to be replaced with Crave tablets for guest information and communication. All screens across the resort have an energy-efficient mode and timer to ensure we're not wasting electricity.

Two recent new builds, The Pavilion and Yoga Cabin, were built from sustainable or reclaimed/recycled materials with both pools filtered by a pioneering DAISY system which reduces the water, energy and chlorine used, providing swimmers with a more natural and gentler environment. The outdoor pool is covered each night to reduce evaporation and save energy. The Pavilion’s larch cladding is FSC approved, meeting the highest environmental and social standards. Trees play an important role in combatting climate change, so specimen trees were protected during construction and new ones planted.

Carbon-free teambuilding activities have been introduced – woodland trim trails, beekeeping, outdoor yoga etc. An on-site dedicated wildlife conservation area has been reserved by greenkeepers/gardeners.

The property is committed to improving and developing from a sustainability perspective and is currently forming a ‘Green Committee’ made up of colleagues from all departments to make sure the whole company is on board and doing the small things to reduce environmental impact and have sustainability at front of mind.

Together, we are shaping a greener world.

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