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Wedding top tips

Top tips for preparing your big day from some of our suppliers 


Kate from Lily and Myrtle gives her say;

When you start thinking about flowers begin with how you’d like you wedding to be styled, modern and fresh, classic elegant or natural and wild. This can be determined by the style of your dress Once you have chosen your bridesmaids dresses this is good place to start with bringing your colour scheme together using your flowers. At this point we would love to meet with you to have a one to one consultation to give your lots of ideas.

How much will my flowers cost?
Depending on the flowers used the cost can vary. If you can use flowers in season this can help with the budget. If you love peonies and roses maybe have these blooms for your bridal flowers and for ceremony and wedding breakfast flowers have matching shades and colours but with less  flowers.

Is there a way l can reuse my flowers?
Yes and this is a good way to reduced your flower cost. For example at Foxhills we can reuse isle flowers after the ceremony to decorate the staircase in the clubhouse. Flowers used on the registrars table can be transferred and reused on the top table.

Do we need to set up or clear down our flowers?
No as a company we will deliver your flowers, set up both your ceremony and wedding breakfast flowers and the following day collect all the vases and sundries that we have used. We make all your arrangements so you can give them away to your friends and family.

What happens if there are any flowers left over?
If there any blooms left over, we make lonely bouquets with them. We leave these around the community for people to take home and enjoy.


Paul Talbot - one of our preffered photographers for over 6 years gives some location tips for Foxhills

The Manor House is amazing – it’s a beautiful backdrop and the perfect place for that all important group shot. The fact that you can get married and have your reception at the same venue is a massive bonus. No rushing from place to place – no stress about traffic or hold ups. They have some beautiful rooms so pre-wedding shots are wonderful. If you’re getting married in the summer months, they have the option to have an outdoor ceremony. The history of the Manor House combined with the modern space of the Clubhouse will have your guests talking about your exquisite wedding for years to come.
I can get some great shots as guests move from one to another – they’re usually fully engaged in conversation which makes for some amazingly candid, natural shots. My main tip for those getting married - you cannot beat the sunset at Foxhills. The lighting is perfect year round (if it’s a clear day) – some of my most favourite shots are couples in the early evening light through the trees. All we’ll need is 10/15 minutes to get some lovely intimate shots – you won’t regret planning it in to your day.


Our fireworks supplier Pyromania displays answers some FAQ's!

Q/What happens if it rains?
A/We get wet, by that I mean our technicians get wet, we are used to inclement weather and if this is the case we will arrive earlier and waterproof the effects.

Q/How long does the display last?
A/This all depends on the display you have booked but an average wedding display is normally between 5 and 7 minutes in length.

Q/How much does a display cost?
A/Our prices start from £700 for our starter minimum package, for a better idea visit our website below:

Q/Do you have any videos of what my display will look like?
A/We have a number of display videos on our website that will give you an idea of the quality of our shows, if you let us know what your budget we can direct you to a display close to it, link below:

Q/What else can I add to my display?
A/We have a number of items that we call “Extra sparks” these are effects that can be added, see the link below:

Chair covers

Some ideas from our supplier a The Chair dressing company 

Having Chair Covers/decorations really says ‘Wedding’. Without them its like Christmas without a Tree.  Remember if you change the season of your Wedding because of Covid 19 - don’t forget your colours! Light and bright for Spring and Summer to burgundies/burnt orange/red/ and deep gold for Autumn and Winter ... don’t forget the romantic candle light!

Should you want dressings in The Service and Reception Areas, to keep costs down The Service area could be dressed with sashes just down the Aisle with a ’Special Dressing' on the Bride and Groom Chairs.

The Top, Registrars and Cake Tables can all be dressed in the chosen colour of the day. These are the focal points of the day and should be dressed accordingly.


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