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The hub and heartbeat of our new family facility, the Pavilion, Flo's is a 'grab and go' style deli restaurant, serving tempting dishes of an East Mediterranean flavour. With fantastic views overlooking the first tee of the Longcross Course, Flo's offers plenty of indoor seating, as well as two outdoor terraces, giving members and hotel guests the chance to relax, socialise and dine in stunning surroundings.


Flo's is named after our owner, Marc Haytons's, Australian grandmother. Here's his heartwarming story behind the name:

"Flo moved in with us in ’69, the year my younger brother, James, was born.  Despite living in the UK for more than 30 years, you could cut her Sydney accent with a knife and her sayings were a thing of legend. Good things were always, “bonzer”; if someone was well, they were “a ball of muscle”; as for, “hold my hand ‘til the tram passes” - we’ll file that one under miscellaneous.

Flo was a wonderful nan and a great cook. Like many of her generation, everything was made from scratch including ice lollies made with fresh fruit.

Flo always kept carrot sticks in a cup in the fridge and told us they were treats, which was charming, until you tried to impress your friends.

Well into her seventies Flo made petits fours in the pastry section at Foxhills. In those days, the language in a kitchen would make a docker blush but Flo didn’t bat an eye lid.

She was among the few people who once met was never forgotten.

For all these reasons, we thought the lovely, buzzy Pavilion deli with its healthy menu (and carrots) could only be called, Flo’s."

The emphasis is on quick and fresh with counter service and daily specials. The drinks selection includes healthy shakes, great coffees, hard seltzers and craft beers. The menu focuses on healthy dishes, but still leaving room for great cakes and a gelateria.


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