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benefits of golf lessons

Benefits of Golf Lessons on a Championship Course

Foxhills is home to three quality golf courses, two of which are 18-hole championship courses. Known as Longcross and Bernard Hunt, we are proud to say that these courses are considered to be among the very best in England. Opening in 1975, the Club has hosted various prestigious tournaments, and is the home of the Senior PGA Professional Championships from 2014-2020.

Why Take Golf Lessons at Foxhills?

Our two championship courses have assisted prominent golfers in their professional journeys, including Paul Casey and Anthony Wall – the latter of whom is now one of our instructors. Our grounds have a certain standing in the golfing community, and we offer lessons from seven golfing professionals. Whether you are new to the game and want to improve your skills, or you have already developed a talent and wish to perfect your game, there are a number of reasons why taking golf lessons at Foxhills will benefit you.

Benefits of Golf Lessons

Anyone looking to improve their golfing skills should consider taking Foxhills golf lessons for a variety of reasons. The skilled professionals can teach you about all aspects of professional golfing, covering everything from proper golfing etiquette and terminology to honing your technique. Benefits of golf lessons include:

1) How to perfect your golfing technique.

The main reason why people take golf lessons is quite simply to improve their game. With undivided attention from a skilled instructor, you can benefit from their tips and suggestions to help improve your performance. This will include aspects like stance, the grip of the club, and how to swing with accuracy and power.


foxhills golf lessons


2) Thoroughly understanding the game.

At a golf lesson, you will be properly introduced to the rules and procedures of the game. You will be taught how to keep score accurately, the various types of golf courses, the different parts of the course, and what to do if you can’t find a ball.

3) Learning the appropriate time to use different golf clubs.

Your instructor will educate you about the differences between the five kinds of golf clubs; putters, woods, irons, hybrids, and wedges. Armed with their knowledge and tips, you’ll soon be able to decide when is best to use each type.

4) Get to know golfing etiquette.

Those who have limited experience in the game are unlikely to be familiar with specific golfing etiquette. This pertains to attire, tee times, and where on the course you should walk or drive. Your instructor will also introduce you to the language of golf, including terms such as ‘fairway’, ‘birdie’, ‘bogey’, and ‘Mulligan’.

5) For expert answers to golfing questions.

Another significant benefit of choosing to take professional golf lessons is the fact that your instructor is on hand to answer questions accurately. This will allow you to hone your skills with confidence, rather than doubt any knowledge or tips that friends or colleagues offer.


foxhills driving range


The Foxhills Golf Professionals

We have seven skilled golfers who offer lessons at Foxhills:


  • Sean – Senior PGA Professional, qualified since 2014. More about Sean
  • Ashley – Senior PGA Professional, qualified since 2018. More about Ashley
  • Greg – UKCC Level 4 Performance Coach, 2012 voted in Top 100 best coaches in UK by Golf World magazine. More about Greg
  • Pedro – PGA Professional – Lead Junior Coaching, qualified since 2009. More about Pedro
  • Mike - Senior PGA Professional & Golf Operations Supervisor, qualified since 2017. More about Mike
  • Anthony – European Tour competitor since 1998. More about Anthony Wall
  • Adam – Began golfing aged 9, and became a professional worldwide golf coach. More about Adam


How many golf lessons should I take?

Knowing how many golf lessons you should take will depend entirely on both your capability and your goal. It’s something you’ll need to discuss with your instructor, as they will be able to accurately gauge how much further you have to go in order to achieve your preferred outcome. All our instructors offer various packages, from single 30 minute lessons to a pack of eight x one hour lessons. You can find information about their rates on their individual ‘golf professionals’ pages.

Find out more about golf at Foxhills. We offer competitive rates for lessons and green use, as well as thrilling corporate golf days.

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