02 Sept 2022

Meet Lisa and learn about the Foxhills Swim School

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Foxhills Swim School has been established for many years, we regularly carry out reviews to ensure we keep up with modern teaching practices and techniques.

Whilst based on the Swim England's learn-to-swim programme, we have adapted it to ensure consistent quality teaching on good technique and appropriate progression.

At Foxhills, we provide group classes from three months to teenagers and one-to-one private classes for any age. We use a standardised teaching programme which allows us to ensure great continuity across all of our teachers.


Meet Lisa 

I have worked as a swimming teacher at Foxhills for 22 years.

Teaching baby and parent lessons are my passion. I love to see how babies can learn at such a young age and watching them develop each week is such a privilege.

My career has predominantly been in teaching beauty therapy and holistic therapies as an assessor, safeguarding officer and internal quality assurer. As  Foxhills' swim supervisor, I am on the front line from initial point of contact for all things swimming to members - informing you of current availability, getting you booked in, to just checking in to see everything is going well.



If you are interested in more information about our current courses, availabilities and opportunities, please email swimming@foxhills.co.uk.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch or speak to our Pavilion reception team when you are at the club. 

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