15 Feb 2023

Spa Spotlight: Benefits of the Natural Pool

Our chemical-free natural swimming pool is purified by plants and minerals, often used as a plunge pool during the winter months. A plunge pool is a great way to reduce swelling, constrict the blood vessels, promote circulation, and provide immediate pain relief benefits. Cold water swimming endorses effective brain function and a strong immune system, reported benefits include an increased metabolism and an improvement in mood. Being in and near water reduces the stress hormones cortisol.

An ideal time of three minutes is long enough to feel the best cold-immersion benefits, such as improved blood sugar regulation and fat burning, or challenge yourself by staying in for one minute for every degree temperature of the natural pool.

For full benefits, use the outdoor sauna before. Hot/cold therapy is used to help balance the body by immersing yourself in extreme heat followed by extreme cold.

By awakening the blood vessels, hot/cold therapy stimulates blood flow, which helps the body to flush toxins, release endorphins, boost energy levels, and balance the mind.

The practice of combining hot and cold water treatments in the spa is proven to relieve stress, detoxify the skin, improve metabolism, increase circulation and soothe muscle aches and pains making it ideal for athletes after exercise. It also helps combat mental wellness while also improving our sleep quality.

C7A8874 Natural Pool