15 Mar 2023

The Ride: What's the difference between classes?

Our bespoke indoor cycle studio, The Ride, offers a variety of classes for our members. For those who are unsure of what they are and which might suit them best, we have put together the guide below:

Stages Cycle:

Stages Cycle is designed for a performance-driven ride, a challenging opportunity to work to your unique functional power threshold (FTP) using on-screen gauges for an interactive experience.  

Rhythm Cycle:

Rhythm Cycle is designed for you to ride to the beat and to work up a sweat. This class does not use the on-screen power gauges.

HIIT Cycle:

In the HIIT Cycle sessions, you get the best of both worlds, alternating rounds of cycling for cardio and off the bike using dumbbells for strength, this gives you the ultimate high-intensity workout. Great for those who love HIIT without the impact. 

Virtual Stages:

A virtual power threshold ride with an on-screen profile that will guide you through a results-driven workout. 

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