17 Feb 2022

Foxhills brings fitness to the fore with UK-first Bodyscan360 collaboration


Foxhills Club & Resort has teamed up with one of the most innovative UK-based health optimisation companies, BodyScan360, to provide its members with world class health and wellbeing insight and advice.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, BodyScan360’s mission is to enhance health and fitness levels within the Foxhills membership in just three steps, starting with the use of Multiscan Pro screening technology – a non-invasive, innovative health and wellness tool.

After the scan, which takes just a few minutes, Foxhills members will then be provided with a range of evidence-based lifestyle recommendations. They can then be rescanned and track their physical wellbeing on a regular basis, leaving them with an in-depth understanding of their body’s needs and overall health status.

This partnership marks BodyScan360’s first venture into UK golf and country clubs. No other club in the UK currently offers this exclusive service to its members and Foxhills is delighted to be the first in the world to do so.

Chris Fitt, director of golf and leisure at Foxhills, said: “It’s a great opportunity for Foxhills to be the first golf and country club partnership for BodyScan360. Our members take their health and wellbeing very seriously and this is a unique and cutting-edge way for them to finetune their fitness goals.

“This partnership couldn’t have launched at a more pivotal time of year, when so many have started a new diet and exercise regime and looking to improve their health with resolutions and targets.

“One of our aims is to be at the forefront of what we can offer as a service. Health has never been more important, and we want to support our members and guests with their wellbeing, in every sense of the word.”

The Multiscan Pro system is a combination of four different technologies, which combine to obtain a physical, detailed analysis of the body. In the UK, this technology is relatively new and is not available on the NHS.

Foxhills is set on a picturesque 400-acre estate in Ottershaw, Surrey. In addition to strengthening the resort’s reputation as a family-friendly leisure destination, Foxhills has expanded its sporting facilities far beyond the exceptional golf offering that it renowned for as it continues to cater for the diverse interests of its members and visitors.

Alongside the two 18-hole championship golf courses, Foxhills offers a state-of-the-art gym, award-winning health spa, four swimming pools, 11 tennis courts, a packed schedule of weekly fitness classes, three unique restaurants and a hotel.

For more information on BodyScan360, please visit: www.bodyscan360.co.uk.