02 Feb 2023

Long Service Awards Dinner for Staff

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It was an honour to host our Long Service Dinner this week, celebrating colleagues that have been with Foxhills for more than five years and recognising their loyalty, dedication, commitment and continued hard work.

A total of 66 colleagues received an award on the evening which means roughly a quarter of our current workforce were eligible.

There were 7,728 months and 644 years of experience, knowledge and skills in the room.

Six colleagues have been working for Foxhills for more than 25 years - a quarter of a century - which was before most of their current colleagues were even born! A special mention to David Wyborn (Course and Estates Manager) who has been with the company for 36 years, Bernie Gill (Finance) who has been with us for 34 years, Melvin Corbin (Front Desk) for 28 years, Kerry Lagden (Leisure) for 27 years and Ursula Offord (Executive Housekeeper) for 25. An incredible achievement in the current climate, particularly in the hospitality industry. Thank you.

Bernie Gill said: “I came for my first interview as bar manager in what was then the ‘Foxbar’ in late June of 1988. As I drove up the drive to the Manor, I remember being totally overwhelmed by the beauty and prestige of the Manor and thinking how much I wanted to work here so I was delighted when I was offered the position. After two years of working in the F&B departments, I was given the opportunity to work front-of-house in reception and then, four years later, I was delighted to accept the role as Membership Manager. After completing seven renewals yet another opportunity came my way and I moved to the accounts department where I have worked for 22 years. Having worked at Foxhills for two generations, spanning five decades, I have watched the club grow from strength to strength, it has been very exciting to watch it grow into the wonderful place it is today. I have a great sense of pride when showing family and friends around the resort. Throughout my service at Foxhills, the Hayton Family have always offered their complete support with warmth and enthusiasm and have always encouraged their staff to develop in their chosen careers. The kindness and consideration they offer gives you the sense of ‘where you belong’. At Foxhills, you are called by your name, you’re not just a payroll number, that alone is a reason to stay!”

David Wyborn said: "I have been lucky enough to have been a member, as well as working at Foxhills. I joined as a junior member with my dad and brother, having golf lessons on the what is now the Manor Course, and then being lucky enough to caddy - and get a whole £1 for doing it! I started working at Foxhills in July 1986, the day after the Bernard Cribbins charity day, and I have loved seeing Foxhills evolve into what it is today. I am incredibly proud to have seen the courses mature over the years and, with the works now in progress, they will only be improving further. There have been many highlights but the two PGA Cups are probably top of what is a long list." 

Ursula Offord said: "I saw the job as a house maid advertised in August 1997 and applied for the job. Mr Condliffe (Past GM) interviewed me and showed me around. Back then, there were just 16 rooms. I was really pleased to join Foxhills. The housekeeper at the time was Linda Whitfield. When she left, I had been here for a year or two and was offered the opportunity to take on the role of Housekeeper. I was expecting this to be a challenge and looked forward to it. I was met by this challenge when phase two (28 rooms) were built around 1999. My team was increased and then we took on the public areas such as front of house, clubhouse and youth club (before The Pavilion), these areas were previously maintained by contract cleaners. Then, in 2005, the beautiful Lyne House was built so capacity increased by 28 rooms and I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr & Mrs Hayton along with Marc . This was a very exciting time watching the resort grow. Then, we welcomed the new spa. My experience increased with every new project and was fully supported by the Hayton family just as I am today. Foxhills is a wonderful place to work and is very unique. If you are part of the Foxhills family, you are part of a great one. I still have the same passion about working at Foxhills as I did from the day one."

Tej Walia, General Manager, said: “I was pleasantly surprised at how many were eligible for a long service award. A quarter of our current staff were invited for the dinner which is an incredible achievement in the current climate, especially within the hospitality industry. It is testament to the working culture, community and values we have built here at Foxhills. This was an evening to celebrate and recognise the loyalty, dedication and commitment each of the colleagues show the company, they embody the core values of our brand each and every day and inspire new and younger staff, acting as mentors and role models. These long-serving employees are critical in making Foxhills the fantastic working environment that it is today. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their continued passion and hard work.”

Marc Hayton, Owner and Managing Director, said: “What an emotional, heart-warming and inspiring evening, bringing colleagues together for a joyful celebration. It’s important to take a step back every now and then, stop looking forward, and actually look in the rear-view mirror to appreciate what we have achieved, how far we have come and the relationships we have built with each other, our members and customers. It’s nights like this that this all becomes crystal clear. We are at our best when we combine our experience with the generosity to listen to the voices around us and the people that are new, and that is what will foster Foxhills moving towards the future. That is true teamwork which is something we have always taken great pride in. Thank you, I treasure each of you and what you have given me and my family.”

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