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Our group of expert personal trainers share a deep passion for fitness and assisting individuals in achieving and exceeding their goals. Our team is committed to providing motivation, boosting confidence, prioritising safety and ensuring you are making the most out of each and every workout.

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Fernando (1)

Fernando, Assistant Gym Manager

“I have been a personal trainer for more than 10 years. My passion for sports began at a young age playing a variety of sports - I played competitive basketball for many years, which gave me a great knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be an elite athlete. I have a natural passion for teaching and helping people which has resulted in me coaching sports and training people for more than two decades. Fitness is a lifestyle for me and I am proud that I can help people with their fitness journey and to build up confidence towards sports and fitness alongside positive thinking to live a healthy life. If you would like to work with me and trust my ability to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me or to come to see me in the gym. I specialise in functional/strength/flexibility training, sports event preparation, weight loss, injury rehabilitation and, of course, training for fun! “

Danny (1)


"I first started working at Foxhills gym back in 2018 and have been lucky enough in that time to not only develop my skills as a trainer but also meet some amazing members, clients and friends. Growing up, sport was always my main focus and I quickly learnt how fitness plays a huge part in sporting success. Being at Foxhills has enabled me to pass on my knowledge to a wide variety of members that all have their own personal goals.

"As a trainer, I specialise in strength and conditioning. I have also recently qualified as a Level 1 TPI expert allowing me to assess golfers for mobility limitations that may affect their swing efficiency.

​​​​​​​"If you’re looking to build some muscle, drop your body fat percentage or get fit for sports, come see me up in the gym and I’ll be happy to help."

Charlie (1)


"Helping people achieve their fitness goals has become my number-one priority. Seeing clients progress on their fitness journeys is something I take great pride in as a personal trainer. If you want to discuss your own personal fitness goals with me then please don’t hesitate, I’m always more than happy to help! In terms of my own fitness journey, training has always been centred around enhancing my personal lifestyle. Sport has always been at the forefront of my adult life whether it be football, rugby or swimming. Therefore, I have always outlined a suitable and transferable training programme to maximise my own performance. Having to adapt my own training programmes and ensuring they are applicable to goals is a mentality that I ensure I adopt when helping others."

Shannon (1)


"I have worked as a personal trainer for more than five years and played football for many years, achieved black belt in karate and now enjoy playing golf. I work with clients of all ages from 14 to 85 years old with different abilities and injuries. I can help you lose weight, gain muscle and generally feel better about yourself. I believe it is important to have a goal you are looking to achieve, to challenge yourself and I will always listen to my client’s interests to keep the sessions fun and varied. I am also qualified in further courses such as Exercise for Older Adults, HIIT/Circuit Training and Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management."

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"I have been in the fitness industry for 38 years and amazingly it is still my passion. I currently teach a variety of classes at Foxhills, from 'legs, bums & tums' to reformer pilates. I also offer personal training and one-to-one pilates and reformer sessions."



“I have enjoyed fitness since my childhood, and played volleyball for nearly 12 years. Becoming a Personal Trainer was a natural next step to stay in fitness, and in my role as a PT, I concentrate on helping people gain confidence, weight loss, muscle growth and tone. My main focus is to help people achieve their goals and teach them healthy habits and exercise techniques which will stay with them for years.”



"With more than 15 years of personal training and class instruction experience, I pride myself on helping clients to achieve results, train hard, eat well and reap all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. My specialties include, but are not limited to: Bespoke tailored PT for weight loss, muscle gain and sports performance; Pre and post-natal PT as well as post-natal classes; Exercise for the elderly, along with aqua aerobics classes at the club on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; High Intensity Interval Training with classes such as group cycling in The Ride, HIIT, Barbell circuits and functional fitness; Multi skills coaching for children and young adults (football, tennis, ball skills) DBS checked. I am so passionate about making fitness enjoyable. The satisfaction it gives me to see clients achieve their goals, whilst having a smile on their face, is the main reason I do my job. Feel free to say hello in the gym or around the club, I look forward to meeting you all!"



"Training Ju-jitsu for many years and having played multiple sports while doing a Masters in Physical Education created a passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle. My favourite part of being a Personal Trainer is inspiring others, helping them towards their goals and being part of their fitness journey; whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain or general wellbeing. I teach Zumba, Barbell Circuit, Functional Fitness and specialise in Pre & Post-Natal training. Within our session, you can expect a tailored plan to work hard and to always have fun!"



"Fitness has always played a big part in my life, starting out as a dancer from the age of 8 performing around the world on P&O Cruise ships for 6 years as an aerialist dancer, then finishing my cruise life as a Company Manager/Dancer performing the musical ‘The Greatest Days’ and other shows around the Mediterranean. During lockdown when the world came to a standstill, I qualified in Fitness to Music and trained to be a personal trainer. Since then, I have completed my Nutrition Course and Pre and Post-Natal. Being a performer, you must always keep physically fit and work together in a team environment. As a PT, I want to give you the confidence in knowing I will be with you every step of the way, whatever the goal is, to lose or gain weight, to maximise strength or to train for marathons/other events. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, I am happy to help you out and look forward to seeing you on the gym floor." 

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"As a trainer, I want to help you to make positive lifestyle changes so you can live an active AND balanced life. During the completion of my Bachelors and Masters, I worked as a head strength & conditioning rugby coach for two seasons. Through this, I developed my knowledge and understanding of biomechanics and human anatomy, which only increased my passion for strength and conditioning alongside functional fitness. I have also had the privilege of aiding clients with disabilities in their physical training, as well as working with many clients over 50 to teach them how best to train their body and gain confidence in a gym environment. The gym is my passion and I love being surrounded by colleagues and members looking to better themselves both physically and mentally."