12 Dec 2023

Padel and Pickleball, launching at Foxhills in January 2024

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With 2024 just around the corner, we look ahead to another exciting year at Foxhills. 

And it will start with a bang in January as we unveil our next major investment that will enhance and develop racquet sports at the club. 

In the new year, members of Foxhills can play two of the fastest growing sports in the world, Padel tennis and Pickleball. Both sports are easy to learn, fun, fast and social.

What are they?

Padel is typically played in doubles in an enclosed court. It is much like a cross between tennis and squash where the ball can bounce off the glass wall or metallic mesh that surrounds the court.

Put tennis, badminton and ping pong in a cocktail shaker, and you’ve got Pickleball. The court is about a quarter the size of a tennis court, with a slightly lower net.

Three Padel courts and two Pickleball, all floodlit, will open in January 2024. Pickleball courts are the same size as badminton and mini tennis allowing more children and adult activities. Together with the club's growing Table Tennis club, there will be five racquet sports to enjoy. This will increase our existing programme of lessons, clinics and competitions. 

When complete, we will have 14 racquet courts: 4 acrylic, 4 artificial clay, 1 all-weather; 3 Padel tennis; 2 Pickleball courts.

Padel and Pickleball will be available to all Full, Country Club and Under 18 members.

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Strictly limited spaces available to join early in the new year.