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Swimming Lessons

Foxhills' Swim School follows the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme accredited by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). The national syllabus ensures swimming lessons are delivered to a high and consistent standard. The programme is based on a progression of skills and stroke technique ensuring that each individual builds upon their water confidence at every stage of their development.

Adult, Child & Pre-school

The pre-school framework supports babies and pre-school children building the beginnings of a lifelong love of water. Parents and guardians attend swimming lessons with their children and join them in the water. Once swimmers are able to take instructions, they move into a class without a parent or guardian in the water with them. Here they will be taught the core skills needed to learn the four strokes through fun and games.

After School Classes

The Learn to Swim framework provides children with confidence in their ability. From this comes more enjoyment of swimming, a love for swimming and being in the water, and the skills and motivation required to lead a healthy lifestyle. Children will learn the nine key skills needed to become competent swimmers. These include entry, exits, floatation and balance, rotation and orientation, streamlining, aquatic breathing, travel and coordination, water safety and health and fitness. By learning and combining skills, children understand the processes needed to swim all four strokes, front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Awards & Badges

Children will be rewarded as they learn to swim and progress. Remember not every child progresses as quickly as another; some children are more naturally competent and confident in the water and therefore will progress faster. Other children are slower to learn new skills but can quite often become stronger more proficient swimmers as they progress. Each Learn to Swim Stage will have a number of complementary awards which recognise a child completing a particular skill within the whole stage. These act as great motivators for children.

Term Dates

Autumn Term

Term starts on Monday 9th September - Sunday 8th December

12 weeks at £144 for children aged 3+ & £120 for under 3yrs (group lessons)

Private 1-2-1 lessons £24.50 per child or 2-1 lessons at £15 per child.

There’s no lessons during half term Monday 28th October- Sunday 3rd November.

Private Lessons

30min 1-2-1 £24.50 / 30min 2-1 £15 per child


Monday 9.30am-12.30pm / 4-6.30pm

Tuesday 10am-12pm / 4-6.45pm

Wednesday 11.45am-2.15pm / 4-6.30pm

Thursday 10am-12.30pm / 4-6.30pm

Friday 9.30am-12.30pm / 4-6.30pm

Saturday 8.30am-12pm / 12-3pm

Sunday 8.30-10.30am; adult & child only

Teaching lasts 25 minutes with 5 minutes for review and feedback.


Baby 3-12mts / max 6 children per class

Baby 12-24mts / max 5 children per class

Toddler 2-3yrs / max 4 children per class

Pre-school 3-4yrs / max 3 children per class

Children 4yrs+ / max 4 children per class

Non-members are restricted to those currently enrolled in the swimming programme. Non-members will need to add £3 surcharge per lesson to the course fees. Full payment for all lessons are payable at the time of booking. Payment must be made in advance and places are not confirmed until fees are paid in full. Prior to the start of term the class availability and timetable is subject to change.

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