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Tennis FAQs

The tennis courts are available for Country Club and Full Members of Foxhills, as well as hotel residents. The below guide provides information on what to wear when playing tennis and other frequently asked questions. Should you need more information, please email the tennis team.

What to Wear

Appropriate tennis clothing must be worn. Jeans or swimwear are not acceptable. A tennis shirt/top must be worn at all times. Coloured tennis clothing is permitted. The correct footwear must be worn; tennis trainers must be non-marking and running shoes are not advisable as they can mark the courts and are dangerous to wear when playing tennis.

Court Behaviour

When tennis is being played, players wishing to access an adjoining court by passing behind other players must wait until the point has been played. At this point, you should request to those already playing that you can pass through to the next court. Foxhills is a friendly Club so please respect your fellow tennis players at all times. Juniors under the age of 10 years must not be left unsupervised on the courts.

Court Bookings

Tennis court bookings can be made either at The Pavilion reception or by calling 01932 704461 up to 48 hours in advance. Courts may be booked for 60, 90 or 120 minutes; please specify your requested playing time when booking. Courts must be cleared by 10pm on weekdays and 8pm at weekends.

If you are unable to make your tennis court booking then please cancel your court by contacting The Pavilion or Healthspa. This is especially vital at weekends as people are likely to be waiting for a court.  

If a reserved court is left empty and there are people waiting to play, then those waiting may claim the court after a 15-minute wait period.

Joining League Matches

New players – both for League matches and Club competitions – are always welcome. If you are a Full or Country Club member at Foxhills and would like to represent the Club at League matches, please speak with Pippa Britton, Head Tennis Professional on 01932 704464, email [email protected] or call in to the Tennis Pavilion.

Tennis Court Lights

Nine of Foxhills’ tennis courts are floodlit. The lights for the courts are situated at the Youth Club reception. Please ask the receptionist to turn on the lights when you check in. If you are on court and need the lights turned on, please return to the Youth Club reception area. If there is no receptionist avaialble, please ask at the healthspa reception desk for assistance.

Court Sweepers

Please leave the court sweepers on the hooks provided after use as it prevents the rubbers bending and prolongs their lives.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be kept on silent while playing to avoid disturbing other players.  

Drinks and rubbish

Glass bottles and glasses are not allowed on court; drinks must be in plastic containers or disposable cups. Please throw all rubbish away in the bins provided and leave the court how you would like to find it when you arrive. Do not leave the metal ring pulls from tennis ball cans lying on the court as these can cause an accident; please dispose of them in the bins provided.

Kids Accessories

Scooters, rollerskates and bicycles are not permitted on the courts as they damage the surface. It is advisable to place prams/pushchairs outside the court area if you are playing so as not to put any children at risk of being hit.


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