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Recuperation Treatments

Foxhills is now offering some extra welcome support suitable for patients undergoing oncological treatments or those experiencing other serious illnesses.

The historic Surrey resort, which boasts award-winning spa facilities, now offers Germaine de Capuccini wellness recovery treatments, which are suitable for patients who have undergone oncological treatments. Previously, certain spa treatments have been inaccessible to cancer patients with concerns over the effects of deep tissue massage on tumours or lymph nodes affected by cancer, which has led to spas and patients to adopt a cautious approach to offering treatments. But Foxhills therapists have now undergone a specific new training programme of the Germaine de Capuccini Wellness routines – specifically aimed at cancer patients – which can help in reducing symptoms of pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Phytocare Baobab Body & Scalp Ritual

90mins / £110

Full body exfoliation, massage and scalp massage with Baobab Oil. A totally relaxing ritual combining a soothing lymphatic massage with beautiful products containing ethically sourced, organic Baobab Oil from Africa. This nourishing, protective and hydrating experience includes a full body exfoliation, massage and gentle stress reducing scalp therapy.

Comfort and Calming Scalp, Hand & Foot Therapy

75mins / £90

Chemical treatments can leave the extremities of the body suffering from extreme dryness and stimulate hair loss. This therapy provides the hands and feet with intense nourishment. A gentle exfoliation and hydrating mask is applied to the feet, hands and nail beds without the use of water baths to help maintain a healthy PH level. Your therapy is completed with our revitalising Baobab hair oil and scalp touch massage. This oil contains 5 nourishing oils to revitalise the hair and sooth the scalp.

Foxhills Illuminating Mineral Facial

60mins / £80

This treatment restores and soothes irritated skin experiencing hypersensitivity, due to prolonged medication and stress. This relaxing facial treatment incorporates the use of cool mineral stones and lymphatic drainage massage, using the healing properties of rosehip oil to help calm and balance the skin. Combined with the light reflecting particles of silk mica to create instant luminosity, bringing balance and equilibrium to the face and mind.




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