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Holistic Treatments

The Foxhills HealthSpa offers a wide range of alternative and complementary treatments that focus on treating you as a whole. Our team of expert consultants can provide holistic therapies including sports therapy, sports massage, reiki, reflexology and acupuncture.

Sports Therapy

A detailed examination and assessment of sports injuries, ranging from postural analysis and body alignment to ligament and muscle testing. Practitioners use a variety of techniques such as strapping, trigger-point and deep connective-tissue massage, muscle stretching and energy work, joint mobilisations and the use of exercise therapy to restore range of movement, strength, coordination and balance. Ideal to treat a recurring injury which is affecting your sports performance or day-to-day life, or to prepare and recover from big sporting events.

30 minutes - £50
45 minutes - £60
60 minutes - £70

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy helps alleviate the stress and tension built up in your body’s soft tissue during physical activity, due to overexertion or overuse of the muscles. It can help prevent niggling injuries, clearing the way to you achieving optimum performance whether in sport, a physically demanding job or countering postural stresses and strains.

30 minutes - £70
45 minutes - £90
60 minutes - £110


Our acupuncturist, Claudia, offers pain-relief acupuncture for muscular skeletal problems and sports injuries, wellbeing acupuncture to help with subclinical symptoms and stress related problems, as well as women’s health concerns.

35 minutes - £50
50 minutes - £70
80 minutes - £100


A deep relaxing treatment to help balance the mind, body and spirit, reflexology helps relieve stress and anxiety. This ancient therapy incorporates pressure-point massage to the hands and feet, stimulating them to rebalance corresponding body parts and organs, enabling them to function more efficiently.

40 minutes - £70
55 minutes - £90


Reiki is an extremely gentle but remarkably powerful form of healing. The energy transferred in a reiki session can be felt in many different ways, and can have a number of profound benefits; physically, emotionally and psychologically.

40 minutes - £70
55 minutes - £90

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