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Submit your body to a powerful workout without moving a muscle. Foxhills' massage treatments are designed to ease tension, stretch out the muscles, stimulate circulation and promote a general state of wellbeing.

During your visit to our Surrey spa, indulge yourself and choose from one of the following massage treatments:

Our Massages

Foxhills Therapeutic Massage

40mins / £55
55mins / £77
85mins / £110
Our massage is tailor made to meet your requirements, using a combination of massage techniques to either relax or invigorate.


Hot Stone Massage

55mins / £77

This extraordinary therapeutic treatment uses the power of hot volcanic stones to penetrate warmth and pressure deep along the length of the muscles. Enjoy a deep sense of relaxation and softness on the entire body.


Peaceful Pregnancy Massage

75mins / £98

This inspirational therapy connects mother and baby through the power of touch, working with two heartbeats as one. This heavenly massage will relieve tension in the back and shoulders whilst alleviating swelling in the hands, feet and revitalising tired legs.

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