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Submit your body to a powerful workout without moving a muscle. Foxhills' massage treatments are designed to ease tension, stretch out the muscles, stimulate circulation and promote a general state of wellbeing.

During your visit to our Surrey spa, indulge yourself and choose from one of the following massage treatments:

Massage Treatments

Foxhills Therapeutic Massage

35 minutes - £65

50 minutes - £90

80 minutes - £135

Our massage is tailor-made to meet your requirements using a combination of massage techniques to either relax or invigorate.

Foxhills Indian Head Massage

40 minutes - £70

Our Indian heads invites you lie down on our luxury heated massage beds and drift away enjoying a soothing therapeutic massage - incorporating upper back, neck, shoulders, acupressure points and scalp stimulation.

Foxhills Peaceful Pregnancy Ritual

75 minutes - £130

This inspirational therapy connects mother and baby through the power of touch, working with two heartbeats as one. This heavenly massage with relieve tension in the back and shoulders whilst alleviating swelling in the hands and feet, revitalising tired legs and refreshing the face with a cleanse tone and facial massage. Optional scalp massage can also be included.

For treatments and guidelines for treatments suitable for pregnant ladies please click here.

Akwaterra Massage

45 minutes - £90
60 minutes - £115
90 minutes - £155

A synergy between earth & water, and hygienic alternative to hot stone massage,  this award winning innovative heated massage system uses ceramic pods for targeted relief blended with our Tea & Tonic massage oils for the ultimate relaxation thermal experience.

Tea & Tonic Massage Rituals

These truly personalised blends from Tea & Tonics Apothecary Herb Bar are bespoke to each treatment and along with adapted stress-relieving techniques and tools help to alleviate your stress and boost your wellbeing. These complete body rituals all  incorporate guided breathing techniques, a full body massage including face, feet & scalp, and elements of our thermal akwatarra pods are also used to warm the muscles. The 120-minute treatments also have an additional foot ritual and body scrub included in the treatment.

Saving Grace 
90 minutes - £155
120 minutes - £200

For reassurance, calming & comfort.

Inviting Sleep 
90 minutes - £155
120 minutes - £200

For those looking to induce a good night’s sleep and promote restfulness.

High Spirits   
90 minutes - £155
120 minutes - £200  
When in need of a boost this treatment blend will lift your body & mind promoting strength & energy.

Bright Awakening  
90 minutes - £155
120 minutes - £200

For clarity brightening and enlightenment this blend will help you combat feelings of fatigue.

The Tonic   
90 minutes - £155
120 minutes - £200

For deeper recovery and muscle/ joint stress relief.

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