14 Sept 2022

Art Club with Billie

Billie has been teaching art to adults and children for the past 10 years.

Art club is mainly for beginners, but all levels are very welcome. The main rule in the club is to have fun!

We start by using simple shapes and linking them to produce beautiful pictures every session. We learn step-by-step how to draw animals, figures, faces, basics about perspective, landscapes, seascapes, and flowers using mainly pencils and watercolours, and get introduced to painting on canvas using acrylics.

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Most surprising fact about my art career:
In reading a newsletter of an outstanding school that I taught at, I realised the first three winners of the art competition were my students!

My artistic inspiration:
My favourite artist is Monet, but my inspiration comes from many directions.

The thing I love most about teaching art:
Seeing a smile on the students’ faces at the end of the lesson and hearing ‘I really enjoyed that today!’ It makes my day every time!

Art Club 58

Billie's Art

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Students' Work

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When are the classes?

Art club takes place on Monday mornings from 10am until midday.