29 Sept 2023

Upcoming Golf Works - October 2023

Dear Member,

The final weeks of October are set for the second of our scheduled fairway maintenance works.

Beginning 16th October, our fairways be verti-drained with a 18mm tine (to 7 inches in depth) to relieve compaction and aid drainage in the winter months. This is also done in in preparation for 600 tonne sand to be applied the following week; which will heavily dress all fairway across the championship courses including a 17mm tine.

To complete these works, the greenkeeping team will move around play the week commencing 16th October and, as the contractor works begin, there are planned closures as normal. Longcross will be closed on Monday 23rd October and Tuesday 24th (AM) before a midday opening. Bernard Hunt will close 24th (PM) and Wednesday 25th. The sand will be brushed in to complete the works. The expected recovery of this work is approximately 5-7 days once complete. During this time, our starters will be reminding you that a local rule is in play and we are operating pick and place on the fairway to improve play.

We are now into our third year of completing these works, encouraging firmer surfaces all year round by increasing sand in the soil profile and leading to better turf coverage. Furthermore, whilst drainage systems can be designed to cope with designated rainfall periods, the maintenance of the soil profile and transfer of water to the drainage system is crucial to the provision of satisfactory surfaces. Through the recovery period, we will remain members and your guests only.

We will also be refurbishing the men's golf toilets during October. 

Thank you. 

Sean Graham, Director of Golf 
Derrick Johnstone, Courses and Estate Manager