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Name the Visitor Lockers

The Club's Golf Visitor locker room for men will be refurbished from 20 to 31 March 2017. When it reopens in April, the new lockers will carry the names of popular golf terms. When storing your items as you head out for your round, will you plump for the Big Dog or find yourself landing a Fried Egg? Our Golf team have selected 55 of their favourite terms and it's up to you to help us select the final five.

Voting has now closed. The 10 terms vying for their place in Foxhills folklore are:

Gruesome; Knifed; Lip Out; Majors; Member's Bounce; Plugged; The Press; Slider; Snowman; Whiff. 

The 55 already chosen are:

Ace; Air Mail; Albatross; Animal; Baffy; Bandit; Big Dog; Birdie; Bite; Blob; Bloodsome; Cack Handed; Dead Sheep; Dogleg; Dormie; Double Cross; Duck Hook; Eagle; Fat; Ferrule; Flier; Flop Shot; Fore; Fresh Air; Fried Egg; Gimmie; Good Good; Honour; Lag; Mulligan; Niblick; Nineteenth; Persimmon; Plumb Bob; Punch; Reload; Scratch; Shank; Shootout; Skins; Sky; Slam Dunk; Slice; Smash Factor; Stableford; Stiff; Stymie; Sweet Spot; Texas Scramble; Texas Wedge; Tiger Line; Waggle; Whippy; Worm Burner; Yips

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