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Member Exclusive clothing now available

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of the Foxhills Member Exclusive range - perfect for you to sport a collection designed for you. This year, the ME collection is supported by KJUS, our premium Swiss clothing brand.

KJUS is amongst the best in global brands for sportswear and our mission is to work together to create a new product that is not only made with the finest fabrics and technologies, but also comfortable and allow freedom of motion.

This new collection includes two products for ladies and gentlemen, featuring the golden CJ logo. Items are available to purchase individually, however they can be bought in a bundle at a discounted price.



Men's KJUS Member Exclusive Sora Polo (Black/ Gold)

KJUS Member Exclusive Midlayer (Grey/Gold)


Ladies' KJUS Member Exclusive Sora Polo (Black/Gold)

KJUS Kicki Member Exclusive V Neck Sweater (Grey/Gold)

Polos are available for £50, and midlayers and sweaters £89, however you can purchase a bundle including one polo and one midlayer or sweater for £130.

The Member Exclusive range is only available to members and items can only be purchased by competing a pre-order form in the Pro Shop (sample sizes are also available if you are unsure of your size). Items will be ordered on a monthly basis, with the deadline for the first batch being Saturday 7 July 2018, due mid-July.

At the club this Saturday (9 June)? Our beloved mascot CJ will make a special appearance, sporting a new shirt for you to see for yourself!

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