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H&W tip #1 - Kerry Lagden with meditating

Our Gym team have begun a series of demonstrative videos to help you improve your health and well-being one step at a time.

Wellness. It’s a term we hear a lot but sometimes it can lose its meaning. Wellness encompasses all aspects of health be it physical, mental or spiritual.

To achieve true wellness we should examine each area of our life and identify changes to better those individual aspects. Only when we achieve a balance between these three areas do we truly feel happy – the purpose of life. With this in mind we are holding a very special event – Mind & Body Masterclass Day, featuring a large variety of sessions aimed to help improve focus, mindfulness and fitness. This ties in perfectly with our philosophy of “When you leave, you’ll feel better than when you arrived.”

We appreciate that today’s busy lifestyles don’t allow us much time – if any – to make meditation a daily practice. With these tips however we hope that you can introduce a small habit that can have a massive impact. It has been shown that dedicating just five minutes a day can help improve mindfulness and bring a greater sense of wellbeing. There are a few things to think about before you start. Mainly environment – making sure you have a peaceful space is important.

Comfort is another thing, as sitting on a hard floor is hardly comfortable. If at home use a pillow or in the workplace maybe a jumper will do. Find a position with your legs crossed and spine straight, that you can maintain for five minutes. Set a timer as you’ll be surprised at how long five minutes can feel, so relax and forget about everything else.

Below is a short video by Kerry Lagden with some tips for meditating.

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