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Beeching gives breast cancer a run for its money

Steve Beeching – fellow member, keen sportsmen and proud father of four – is training for his upcoming 53km trail run around the fortresses of Cartagena, Spain on Sunday 15 April.

The route includes nine hills to climb with a combined elevation of over 1500m (higher than the end of the route to Ben Nevis) with a limit of 12 hours to complete. The trail is jointly run by the Spanish Navy, members from the Cartagena town and other running enthusiasts picked from the trial lottery draw (like Steve) after over 8000 apply.

Steve in 2017's Ruta de las Fortalezas

Steve said "Never shy of a challenge, I let good friends talk me into entering the Ruta de las Fortalezas. Having been gifted a place to run, I’ve decided to use this event to raise money for cancer research. This terrible illness gave me a tumour which was removed from my neck in 2013, hit my wife’s mother in the form of breast cancer, and then impacted my father upon his retirement. It seems to influence and effect countless friends and colleagues daily. I want to take this opportunity to give back to those that have invested in finding a cure. Since January, my training mileage has been steadily increasing; I’m now covering 150km per week by walking and running. I am now in Spain, where I’m taking the last few weeks to practice in the hills of Murcia. I appreciate any support for this worthy cause.”

Sponsor Stevefollow his journey on Twitter or watch his short story below:

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