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Join the largest network of golfers in the world. Access competition results, look at handicap lists, use forums and record your shot types with each round you play.

Register with HowDidiDo


Select click here (top right of the page)

Enter your email address, create a password and complete all required information, including Foxhills Club & Resort as your home club

Select your name from the list displayed

If your name is not displayed, email with your name, membership type and email address.

Select the alerts you require, accept the terms and conditions and Finish

You will receive an email from Club Systems containing an activation link and once clicked you will be directed to the log-in page to access your account


Print your handicap certificate

Log in to your account at

Select My Golf (right of the page), My Handicap, Certificate (left column)

If you are asked for a reference number, contact for assistance.

When the certificate is displayed, select Print

Please note, the certificate does not require a signature as it has been verified by our computer system.

Happy golfing!

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