28 Feb 2022

The Benefits of Getting Spa Treatments

Here at Foxhills, our spa invites visitors to refocus themselves and take time to relax. Whether you need to relax aching muscles, centre your mind, body and soul, or simply take time to care for yourself, then a spa treatment offers all of these benefits and more.

In our latest blog, the spa experts at Foxhills look at some of the many reasons that going to a spa can improve your wellbeing, amongst many of the other benefits.

Why Get Spa Treatments?

Whether a sports massage, reiki, manicure or pedicure, spa treatments all offer a chance for you to unwind and relax. Unlike at-home treatments, or going to a medical facility, a spa allows you to fully switch off, feel physically and emotionally pampered and you will even be encouraged to enjoy uninterrupted peace during treatments.  

Benefits of Spa Treatments

Spas aren’t just for relaxing, however, as there’s a whole host of other benefits that attending a spa can offer you.

Spa Treatments Help To Reduce (And Manage) Stress

As spa treatments can help to improve sleep, relax tight muscles, and reduce tension around the face and neck (where tension often builds in the body), going to the spa after a particularly stressful period in life can help to bring your stress levels down and create a relaxing atmosphere.

While this isn’t a cure for stress, it can help after a busy period to restore your sense of peace, calm, and comfort.  

Increase Your Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system in the body works to increase circulation. A lymphatic drainage massage, or a massage that includes lymphatic drainage techniques, can help to move fluids into circulation, especially for those who have had their lymph nodes removed.

Steam room used for lymphatic drainage

Lowers Blood Pressure

By taking time to relax at a spa, you can lower your blood pressure. Over the years, studies have shown how certain massages, including deep tissue massages, can actually reduce your blood pressure.

A Spa Trip Can Make You Feel Better Physically And Emotionally

Whether you find it relaxing to just escape the routines of daily life or want to indulge in a calming atmosphere with spa treatments that feel rejuvenating, then a spa trip can help you to feel better both physically and emotionally.

Small self-care acts contribute to overall wellbeing, and by taking care of yourself, you can notice an overall improvement in your health.

Relief From Muscular Tension

By having regular massages, whether sport or another kind of muscle stimulating massage, you’ll soon notice that you feel freer to move around and move with less pain.

Muscles pick up knots quickly, and whether you’re playing sport, getting exercise, or simply just moving around, getting a regular massage will ensure that you keep moving better for longer.

Woman Reading

Increased Self-Confidence

For those who wear makeup to cover up insecurities or use cosmetics to make themselves feel better, you’ll soon notice the costs of using makeup regularly.

A facial appointment at a spa can help to target skin that needs some professional rejuvenation, as well as giving you confidence to wear less or no makeup! Similarly, as makeup clogs pores, a healthy deep clean is often beneficial in removing layers of germs potentially hiding on your skin.

Alleviate Pregnancy Side Effects

During pregnancy, side effects such as increased tension in the back and shoulders and swelling in the feet and ankles, can create an uncomfortable experience, especially towards the later trimesters of pregnancy.

Whilst you should inform a spa as soon as you become aware that you’re pregnant, many spas offer pregnancy specific options with trained therapists and professionals on hand to perform appropriate treatments.

Woman Having Facial

Get Better Sleep Before A Big Day

Whether a wedding, job interview, house move or other important life event, spending a day or so by yourself in a spa can help you to find balance, calm, and tranquillity, even after a long, stressful week.

By choosing to spend some time centring yourself, destressing and relaxing surrounded by the indulgence of soothing aromas, you can give yourself confidence and clarity.

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